Fake Civil War Love Letters

One day, in a moment of inspiration (read: “boredom”), I decided to write a pair of Civil War love letters. I think they’re historically accurate, for the most part, aside from the fact that they have perfect grammar and spelling. These are best read aloud, in your most Southern of voices; try to channel a Georgia-plantation resident.

To my Darling Annabelle,

The days drag on without you by my side. I long to rejoin you in our charming town. Life on the front is hard, and though I try, it’s difficult to keep hope. Just yesterday my good friend, James, was hit by a bullet. He’s alive, for now, but delirious with fever and the doctors do not expect him to last the night. Food, as always, is scarce, and scarcely edible. The bread has more maggots than flour. But enough of that! My love for you can carry me through my darkest hour, a shining torch to guide me safely back to your warm embrace.

This war will surely soon be over, and I will be home again. Until then, I count the seconds we’re apart and remain faithfully yours!

All My Love, John

To My Dearest John,

Your letters are like kisses from the Sun, warming my heart in these coldest and most trying of times. I clutch them to my bosom as if they were your very being. Father has taken ill, but seems to be recovering well. I do hope he is better by winter. I am sorry to hear about your friend, James.

Lydia is to have the baby any day now. It will be grand to be an aunt!

My heart fears for you. The front is so very dangerous and I worry. Please, come back home to me safe. Write back soon.

Forever Yours, Annabelle