Luceo is ostensibly an online magazine of dubious credibility published once monthly. I’m not sure if it ever had two consecutive issues released a month apart—perhaps once or twice in 2001, and even then they were incomplete issues. Back in its early days, Luceo Magazine had a new design for each issue. There were no repeat visitors to be confused. A lot has changed since then, but our half-assed commitment to quality, timely content has never wavered.

About the name

It’s pronounced loo kay oh. It is Latin and it forms from the infinitive lucere, which means “to shine” or “to burn” and is intended as an utterly pretentious allusion to brightness, in the sense of intelligence. Luceo itself is first person singular—it means “I shine.” Perhaps lucemus (“we shine”), or even the aforementioned infinitive would have been better. All I can say is that two years passed between the naming of this site and my first course in Latin.