Luceo Revisited

Two posts in the same year? I know! It hasn’t happened in four years. In fact, we didn’t have any posts at all in those dark years.

I once again got a burst of inspiration. I’m not going to pretend that I’m updating every page on the site, but I did create a brand new design, using the latest HTML5 and design standards, and I applied it to the most popular articles on the site. So there are now different layouts for pages created by WordPress (such as this one, and all blog posts), and two distinct layouts for pages I coded myself. If you know where to look on the server there’s actually remnants of a lot more.

This year is the eleventh anniversary of Luceo Magazine, and it’s been a painfully slow death. At the very bottom of this page, as of right now, there’s a picture of some random man. I have no idea who he is, but I assume he designed this blog template. I need to find something new. Embarrassingly, I’ve been meaning to replace the unknown and unaffiliated man for a full six months. Here at Luceo Magazine we aim low, and we often miss even that. On a related note, today’s vocabulary word is sardonic.